Born Nov 19, 1984 born in Baltimore Maryland to the m life & crime at an early age in and out of foster care. She then moved to sc in 2005 for a better life, only to become incarcerated time and time again going in and out of jail from 2005~2012. In between those times she was with the original Soilder Boy aka Tony Hall and his manager Born King who worked for Natalac Records at the time.

The three of them stopped by Natalac’s House for the managers artist’s to audition for Natalac on the way to a show. After the audition the manager had to edit some video footage so Natalac decided to drive them. Natalac drove Q.P. and The original Soilderboy to the show and Q.P. asked Natalac to be her manager. He said i havent seen your skills yet. Later that night Q.P. and OSB got into a fight which left Soilderboy bleeding.

Natalac not wanting to leave anyone but didn’t wanna put both of them in the same van. So someone else drove OSB and Natalac drove Q.P. so she asked again will you and Natalac said any chick that fight a Man back and Not call the police got my vote. But it was short lived Q.P. went back to prison again. while incarcerated she began to write and tell her story through music. She resides in Florence sc as of now a free woman. Welcome to my Queendom is her First EP on Natalac Records after going in and out of Prison since meeting Natalac in 2008.




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