Natalac Records

Year Established: 1997
Genre Focus: Hip-Hop

You can’t rightfully discuss major players in the realm of independent underground hip hop without bringing up Natalac Records. Founded by Sheldon Davis (aka Natalac), Natalac Records has consistently released quality product since its inception in 1997.

Initially compromised mostly of artists from its home state of South Carolina, the label has since extended its’ geographical reach to include nationally recognized acts as well. Natalac, Queen Princess, Microphone James, and the late PGeezy, have all recorded material with the imprint. Beyond just your standard record label, Natalac Records is also responsible for The United Pimps of America… There’s only ONE NATALAC… So google “Natalac”

10625156_713582118676901_5328206198668159195_n  natalac10  pgeezy

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